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Silent Shockwave Player

Huh, shockwave player would not let the user change the volume (actually it was set on ‘mute’) when trying to listen to an interactive book at  Not very aducational for the kindergarteners without the sound!  I reinstalled the player, checked settings, and ran through all of the steps at (they are for Flash, but I was getting frustrated).  Somewhere along the way I saw a comment from someone that their player had worked after running a different shockwave app.  I managed to find this page at Chemgaroo for testing a shockwave player installation.  Their shockwave player plugin test ran just fine, and I was able to adjust the volume by right clicking on the animation.  After running that, the interactive book also worked.  I am wondering if the official shockwave player test at Adobe would have done the same thing.  Took me a while to find it here.