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Resetting Lamp Hours on SMART Projector

When a lamp is replaced on the SMART Projectors (I think this applies to both UF55 and UF65, but not sure), the hours need to be reset.  The reset is accomplished by entering the maintenance mode through a highly classified, secret sequence of remote commands.  Yes, you must first track down the elusive remote, claimed to have never been seen by anyone in the immediate vicinity, but sometimes found velcroed to the board frame.  The sequence of commands on the remote is:


For a more comprehensive description of this process, please see one of the Configuration and Users Guides on the website, such as this one for the X800i4 Whiteboard System (p. 45).



Too busy this year to add much.

Off the cuff notables include:

  • Use Fn keys to redirect, connect external monitor, or remove battery and restart a Win 7 laptop that is sending its video to the external display that is either not there or turned off
  • Some Windows 7 updates will fail and roll back unless one or more updates are installed individually (two of these are KB954430 and KB 973688, and there is at least one more) (saw this on several new Lenovo computers)
  • The secret code for resetting lamp hours on SMART Projectors (Press DOWN, UP, UP, LEFT, UP  on the remote control to access the service menu)
  • To correctly clear the bad cluster list and rescan an imaged volume, be sure to run chkdsk /b (implies /r and /f)
  • Going into safe mode can sometimes get out of the cycle of a “frozen” computer that keeps restarting after failing windows 7 updates (using DeepFreeze)

Well, back at it.  I will add more when I get a chance.

Missing Response Tab in SMART Notebook

We installed SMART Notebook 11 on teacher laptops this past fall.  One of our teachers wanted to start using the Response system recently and installed it from the CD.  The software installed, but the Response tab did not show up in Notebook.  I uninstalled Response and installed the newer version (11).  Issue solved, the Response tab showed up when the Response clickers were connected after that.