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403 – Forbidden: Access is denied

It was a (very minor) surprise to see the access denied error when trying to run Microsoft updates on one of the student computers.  We keep the laptops “frozen”, so don’t usually see unit specific software errors.  Somehow, seems some MS certificates were listed in ‘untrusted publishers’.  Anyhow, deleted all certificates, good, bad, and ugly.  Seems to have solved the problem.  Off to wait for 75 updates now (134 MB).

But wait! Experienced this again, but the certificates did not have a role here.  I searched (403 forbidden windows update agent) and found this article, which instructed me to update the update agent (computers have gotten too complicated, I guess).  The article is on the Microsoft Answers site.  Here are the direct links for the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the update agent.  Actually, Microsoft Support has a nice article  (949104)about determining whether or not you have the most recent version of update, with links to (presumably) the most recent versions.