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Goofy reverse screen on Mac

The display colors on one of the iBooks were inverted (like a photo negative, for those who remember film…).  The key combination cmd-option-control-8 sets the colors back to normal.  Can’t imagine what this is used for.  I’m sure there is a really good use for this feature.

While I’m thinking of it, one of the students accidentally switched the display on one of the Dell notebooks from landscape to portrait.  I think it was Ctrl-Alt-arrow keys to change it.  (Another student had to show us that, sigh.)

Accessing the iTunes store through a firewall/filter

Needing to access iTunes again, which we struggled to block last year with our bandwidth issues.  Seems I slogged through the Apple site for quite a while last time looking for their little list of sites (servers) that need to be open/blocked to allow/deny access.  Once again I have frittered away time looking for that little list.  Found it here (

IMPORTANT: iTunes must be allowed to contact Apple using the following ports and servers:

  • port 80
  • port 443

For a more complete list of ports used by Apple products see “Well known” TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products

 iTunes also contacts VeriSign servers during an iPhone restore and activation:


By the way, the list of “well known TCP and UDP ports used by Apple software products” is quite impressive and voluminous. Just to make it a little easier to see, the servers used are:

Reverse racketeering for Ricoh

In a slightly backward spin on racketeering, Ricoh seems to be pushing me to use someone else’s product to get my print jobs going.  We now have Ricoh printers at all the schools, and are trying to add them to all the computers out there, both PC and Mac.  I have discovered that the Ricoh PS drivers for Macs send massive volumes of garbage to the printers.  Apparently this is because the printers do not have the PostScript 3 whatever installed.  (Actually, one printer does have this, ironically, the one with nearly no Macs anywhere near it.)  So, dutifully downloading and installing the Mac PS driver only leads to self doubt and confusion.

So off to scour Google again and, low and behold, found out that the HP LaserJet 5 gimp printer driver should work.  Gave that a try and was pleased to find that it worked with the Ricoh 1107EX.  Additionally, the Color LaserJet 5/5M driver worked in color with the Ricoh C3501.  Unfortunately, I have no idea where I found this tidbit, but did find a number of references to the HP drivers when I tried to duplicate my search.

Annual questions

Seems that some questions come up once a year, usually at the same time, and leave me scratching my head just slightly less each time.  Garage band loops are not automatically installed in Garage Band.  One must open the program, click on the “eye” icon at the bottom to display the loops, select a category, and click on one of the greyed-out loops.  At this point a box pops up with three options to install the loops.  Off the top of my head I can only remember two of the options: install by way of software updates, and install from the OS installation DVD.  The software update method was a fail – garage band and the loops are not an update, and the machine I was looking at had an inoperable DVD drive.  We ended up installing from the OS X installation DVD using an external DVD drive.  All is well.

How to use iTunes music with Windows Movie Maker?  Ugh – the ol’ burn it to a CD, then use Media Player to rip it to MP3 format.  Hate that process.  What a waste.  But, wait!  Didn’t I see an option in iTunes recently to convert to MP3? I will have to check into that one a bit more.  I know the CD thing works.