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Monthly Archives: June 2014

Tray Icon Says No Internet When There Is!


  • Uninstall network adapter in device manager
  • Scan for hardware changes to reinstall it
  • Wait a few minutes.

And more about it:

So, have been seeing this a lot lately, and am mildly annoyed by it.  Everything seems to be working, but the network icon in the system tray shows a yellow warning triangle with exclamation point (!).  Mousing over it shows the “no internet access” tool tip.  This isn’t a new issue.  I have seen it off and on for nearly as long as we have been using Windows 7.  Everything works, so no big deal you say.  Except that we have hundreds (OK, maybe dozens) of ever vigilant users who are spooked by every dire warning message they see on their computer.  (OK, maybe not every warning, they seem to blithely ignore the most significant messages of impending system failure.)

So, found some good discussion about the issue at the Microsoft Answers site here and here.  Granted, none of this really helped me understand why this might be happening, but I did get rid of the little yellow harbinger of doom at my own workstation.  A minute or two after I uninstalled and reinstalled the network adapter in Device Manager the network icon reverted to its correct, happy self, “internet access”.

Dell Diagnostic Boot

How odd.  Had a Dell D630 which insisted on going to Dell’s diagnostic boot (a pre OS boot thing, so not an msconfig thing).  I found a few posts that made me think it might be related to BIOS settings, so I attempted to reset the BIOS.  Seemed like it worked until I got everything buttoned back up, and there it was again “Diagnostic Boot Selected”.  Grrr.  Found a post somewhere, I don’t know where, unfortunately, that mentioned keys being mashed.  Darned if I could not find any differences between the hinge covers on two different laptops, but when I switched the hinge cover, the laptop booted normally.  Put back the original and the diagnostic boot came back.  Huh.