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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Accessing Adobe Print Settings from Firefox and Chrome

Our secretaries trying to print labels from Infinite Campus have lost access to the print settings in Adobe Reader when using Firefox or Chrome.  Turns out these browsers both have their own pdf viewers.  The Adobe Reader print settings allow the user to select “Actual Size” for the printer, so that the labels line up properly when printed.

In Google Chrome, disabling the Chrome pdf viewer will allow Adobe Reader to handle pdf files, and provide access to the Adobe printer settings.  To disable the Chrome pdf viewer, start Chrome and enter “chrome://plugins/” in the address bar (or just click the link!).  Look for Chrome pdf viewer in the list and click on “disable”.

In Firefox, click on the orange Firefox menu in the upper left corner, select Options, and Options again.  Click on the Applications tab and look for Adobe content types, particularly for forms, in this case.  Click on “Use Adobe Acrobat (in Firefox)” to the right of the content type and select “Use Adobe Reader (default)”.  Click on OK.  Now the Adobe Reader will open when labels are generated, and all Adobe print settings will be available.