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Monthly Archives: August 2013

Error Activating MS Office

I got error 80070190 when trying to activate Office 2010 on a new setup of Windows 7. This seems to be related to user access, which I wouldn’t have thought would be a problem. Found a post by PaulNSW at that was very helpful:

However I was able to activate it using the administrative command prompt, running the ospp.vbs file in C:\Program Files\Microsoft Office\Office14

cscript ospp.vbs /act

or C:\Program Files (x86)\Microsoft Office\Office14 if you have a 64 bit system with 32bit office

The software activated no problem using the MAK provided by the Office Customisation Tool

This activated the installation since the key had already been entered.

Windows 7 Updates Interrupted by Deep Freeze

We use Faronics’ Deep Freeze to prevent changes to our computers.  With Windows 7 we have had a number of incidents where the computers are updated while thawed, but are frozen at the next restart, preventing the installation process from completing.  In these cases, the computers continually restart, completing the installation configuration, then failing to start because they are now frozen and so, rebooting.  I tried starting in Safe mode, but this didn’t change the configure/reboot cycle.  I tried loading the last known good config, also to no avail.  I needed to turn off Deep Freeze, but could not get into Windows to do it.

I found Martin Tjandra’s post here, that led me to do the following:

  1. Boot with a Windows 7 Install disk
  2. Choose an appropriate language
  3. Click on “Repair your computer” link at bottom left of box
  4. Select the “Use recovery tools that can help fix problems starting Windows…” radio button
  5. Select “Command prompt”
  6. Enter “D:” to change to the D drive (or whatever drive Windows is installed on)
  7. Enter “cd windows\winsxs” to change the directory
  8. Enter “ren pending.xml pending_bkp.xml” to rename the pending.xml file
  9. Enter “exit” to close the command window
  10. Shut down, reboot into Windows, and turn off Deep Freeze

From here, I am not so sure of the best way to clean up.  On one laptop, I repeated my steps to go back in and rename the file to pending.xml.  This apparently was not a good approach as I ended up with a persistent update error (80073712), which was immune to the Microsoft Windows Update Readiness Assessment Tool, but which hopefully will respond to the running Upgrade from the installation disk.

On another computer I just left the pending file as I had renamed it and after a couple of reboots, it seems to be happily installing a large number of updates.  Hopefully, this will end up nicely.

I have one more laptop with which to perfect my technique, so I should be able to update this post soon.


Resetting Lamp Hours on SMART Projector

When a lamp is replaced on the SMART Projectors (I think this applies to both UF55 and UF65, but not sure), the hours need to be reset.  The reset is accomplished by entering the maintenance mode through a highly classified, secret sequence of remote commands.  Yes, you must first track down the elusive remote, claimed to have never been seen by anyone in the immediate vicinity, but sometimes found velcroed to the board frame.  The sequence of commands on the remote is:


For a more comprehensive description of this process, please see one of the Configuration and Users Guides on the website, such as this one for the X800i4 Whiteboard System (p. 45).