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Monthly Archives: November 2012

A minor post – Chrome for all users

So, now our state has officially set up Google accounts for all K12 students.  The middle school uses Google Drive extensively for student work.  It is very easy for the students to access their work, and it saves automatically.  The pain in this is that IE8, in Windows XP, is no longer supported fully by Google.  That is, the presentation format files cannot be edited.  No surprise that they work just dandy with the Google Chrome browser.  Problem is that Google has decided that their apps should be installed in the user profile areas instead of in program files.  Why is this a problem, you wonder?  We don’t save user profiles.  Our computers are frozen.  Our students have individual accounts, but their profile data is not saved from login to login.  Can’t imagine the whopping amount of space would be used up if we did save all that data.  But, there is an enterprise version of the Chrome browser which installs for all users.  Problem there is that it is darn hard to track down.  Just tried to install it now, and was informed that there is a newer version.  (It seems every program, OS, and app out there has fallen into the pattern of weekly, or even daily, updates – enough already!)  So, found this link to download the standalone (offline) version of Chrome installer.  Maybe this will save me some time in the future.