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Monthly Archives: February 2012

Silent Shockwave Player

Huh, shockwave player would not let the user change the volume (actually it was set on ‘mute’) when trying to listen to an interactive book at  Not very aducational for the kindergarteners without the sound!  I reinstalled the player, checked settings, and ran through all of the steps at (they are for Flash, but I was getting frustrated).  Somewhere along the way I saw a comment from someone that their player had worked after running a different shockwave app.  I managed to find this page at Chemgaroo for testing a shockwave player installation.  Their shockwave player plugin test ran just fine, and I was able to adjust the volume by right clicking on the animation.  After running that, the interactive book also worked.  I am wondering if the official shockwave player test at Adobe would have done the same thing.  Took me a while to find it here.

Shockwave and Silverlight

Two nitnoid little issues today that seemed rather silly to me.  Completely unrelated, other than both being programs used by different web sites.  The first had to do with Microsoft Silverlight, and the second with Adobe Shockwave.

A teacher was unable to add attachments to her email using Outlook Web Access (OWA).  She was unable to because the dialog box for selecting the file was too small to show the buttons, and the size of box was fixed.  It looked to me that it should have been the normal Windows file select dialog, as this is how it looked on my computer.  When I tried the OWA email attachment function in the Chrome browser the dialog box was large enough to see (and access) the buttons.  It was also large enough to see the message about Microsoft Silverlight (something about more features, I think).  Anyhow, once Silverlight was installed, the dialog box showed up in a much more functional manner.  The silly part is that OWA has no reason to disable resizing the dialog box.  It was completely unusable at that size and at that resolution.

Just to confirm that nothing is simple, I was next asked why the student computers would not run a short online quiz for a webquest.  Ah, well, the quiz requires the Adobe Shockwave Player which was not installed on those student computers.  Though I couldn’t install it on all the lab computers right away, I was to install it on one computer that all the students could use for the short quiz. As you may know, Shockwave is a relatively quick download and install, so it seemed this would be quick and easy.  Unfortunately, I didn’t have the install file with me, so installed it from the Adobe site.  Almost forgot to test it, being so sure that it would work.  Looked promising for a moment when I did try it, although I am not sure why the quiz site felt compelled to install it again, but then I got an error.  A blank dialog box popped up with the title “Missing shockwave decompression XTRA'”. 

I googled this and found several references to installing the full version of Shockwave Player rather than the slim version.  Not knowing what version had been installed, I searched until I found a link to download the full install file (don’t really remember what the link was, but it was on the Adobe site).  Installed the full version, still didn’t work, uninstalled and reinstalled, still got same message. 

Finally found this post, which mentioned the file “SWADCmpr.X32”.  Apparently, the official Adobe Shockwave Player install places this file somewhere other than where it looks for it.  Lovely.  Found it in C:\WINDOWS\system32\Adobe\Shockwave 11\Xtras and copied it into C:\WINDOWS\system32\Macromed\Shockwave 10\Xtras (hm, a little odd, since I installed Shockwave 11).  Anyhow, it worked after that.