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Monthly Archives: August 2011

What? I need a newer version of Installer?

Tried to install the impossibly large SmartTech software on a teacher computer running Windows XP (Pro, 32 bit).  I really cannot download this behemoth each time I need to install it, and the disks are useless because they are never up to date, and the updates are the entire install package (apparently).  We are running Windows XP Pro, as well as Windows 7 Pro, both 32 and 64 bit versions.  So, today when I tried to run the SmartTech install I was informed that I needed a “newer” version of Microsoft Installer.  Ugh.  More time spent trying to figure out what and where to get this, and what I already had.  Apparently, MS does not feel this is important enough to update with the MS Updates.  Apparently, SmartTech thinks everyone should have it. 

MS tells how to determine the version you currently have, check here ( for kicks.  Looked a bit more and found a little html script to list what version I have (  Here is the script again, from Michael Harris \(MVP Scripting\). Save the following code as .htm

<script language=”vbscript”>
sub document_onclick()
set installer = createobject(“windowsinstaller.installer”)
msgbox installer.version
end sub
Click me for Windows Installer version…

Finding that my fully updated version of Windows XP was running installer version 3.1, I downloaded version 4.5 from Microsoft Downloads (  After installing and rebooting, I was able to run the, oh so delightfully speedy, Smart Notebook installation.



I routinely install Adobe Reader from an installation file that I generated.  On some of the district computers it works fine, on others I get the message that the files can only be opened in protected mode.  This message comes in the form of a dialogue box, which requires a response.  No problem, unless Reader has not been opened yet, and this option has not been set correctly, and the user tries to open up a .pdf file in their browser. 

One more thing to remember when setting up a computer…

Getting Latest Offline Installer

Its really a pain to download the flash player from the Adobe site all the time, so I have found a link which looks like it should point to the current offline installer:

this is the version for the IE browser on PCs.  Not so concerned with other versions at the moment, but just take out the _ax on the end to get the version for other browsers (Firefox, e.g.).