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Monthly Archives: May 2011

Annual questions

Seems that some questions come up once a year, usually at the same time, and leave me scratching my head just slightly less each time.  Garage band loops are not automatically installed in Garage Band.  One must open the program, click on the “eye” icon at the bottom to display the loops, select a category, and click on one of the greyed-out loops.  At this point a box pops up with three options to install the loops.  Off the top of my head I can only remember two of the options: install by way of software updates, and install from the OS installation DVD.  The software update method was a fail – garage band and the loops are not an update, and the machine I was looking at had an inoperable DVD drive.  We ended up installing from the OS X installation DVD using an external DVD drive.  All is well.

How to use iTunes music with Windows Movie Maker?  Ugh – the ol’ burn it to a CD, then use Media Player to rip it to MP3 format.  Hate that process.  What a waste.  But, wait!  Didn’t I see an option in iTunes recently to convert to MP3? I will have to check into that one a bit more.  I know the CD thing works.

403 – Forbidden: Access is denied

It was a (very minor) surprise to see the access denied error when trying to run Microsoft updates on one of the student computers.  We keep the laptops “frozen”, so don’t usually see unit specific software errors.  Somehow, seems some MS certificates were listed in ‘untrusted publishers’.  Anyhow, deleted all certificates, good, bad, and ugly.  Seems to have solved the problem.  Off to wait for 75 updates now (134 MB).

But wait! Experienced this again, but the certificates did not have a role here.  I searched (403 forbidden windows update agent) and found this article, which instructed me to update the update agent (computers have gotten too complicated, I guess).  The article is on the Microsoft Answers site.  Here are the direct links for the 32 bit and 64 bit versions of the update agent.  Actually, Microsoft Support has a nice article  (949104)about determining whether or not you have the most recent version of update, with links to (presumably) the most recent versions.

Temp Internet Files

So, for whatever reason, I couldn’t see the Temporary Internet Files folder in the Local Settings folder in the user directory (blind, most likely, obviously it was there).  I was looking for the temp files from IE8 in order to get a time fix on inappropriate internet use.  Just a note – the folder may also be opened (for your viewing pleasure) by going to Internet Options (through IE8/tools or control panel), then Browsing history/Settings/View files.